Lessons from my Kids

I knew that the decision to home-school, was either going to be a real “thumbs-down” or a “joy”. I guess that is the reality with the decisions we make. We step into them hoping for the best but nothing is a guarantee.  I am so so grateful that with this being our third year(how time flies), I can honestly say that as a family we are discovering more of the joys of learning at home, and less of the “Oh my goodness! have I gone completely insane” moments.

I think that I am as much of a student as my kids are. They teach me so much everyday.

Aj is 8 years old and with him I am learning that there can be a whole lot more going on in a child’s mind than what he may express. I catch glimpses of this to my amazement when he writes down all the sound codes related to his phonographic reading program. Somehow, somewhere perhaps while on the trampoline, building Lego, or playing cricket, he decided it would be a fun activity to order all those different sounds in his mind. He gets a real kick out of finding patterns, rules, coding etc. I am learning not to crowd his space too much and to trust that his uniqueness in learning does not need to be managed to suit anyone but rather encouraged and affirmed.

Another new year of learning together at home
Another new year of learning together at home

Madame K is 6years old and with her I learn that creativity flows like pure streams in the heart of every child. These streams are alive and refreshing. Miss K can turn what she deems to be a really boring lesson, into a fun imaginative adventure. Whenever I hear “Mommy, I have an idea…”, I hold on and take a deep breath, and decide to be more adventurous, go with the flow. Her creative insights and nudges have led us to beautiful learning trails, that I could never have foreseen. I am learning not to be too lazy to be like a child again, and to enjoy the curiosity and discovery in learning, more than the finite and predetermined outcomes that I am often tempted to hold fast to.

Well, Easy E our 3and a half year old continues to charm his way through all our times together. Its funny how last year I was convinced I Would send him off to playschool because of all his many “toddler disturbances” to our learning times. However, as it turned out, he was the one being normal, while I was the one needing to let go again and redefine what a “successful school day” looks like. I am learning that replacing words like “successful school day” with “creating a learning environment”, goes a long way to changing the dynamic at home and allows space for each one of my children to be part of doing life at home and keep our connections.

I am looking forward to more learning insights this year on our home-school journey.

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