spring time essentials

Springtime is a beautiful season. I love decluttering my home and having my creative juices flowing with ways to add new life and color to our home. My husband and I have a running joke that if you don’t move, you will get painted, dusted and scrubbed. I love renovating, restoring and redesigning our space.

It is spring time, a time when flowers bloom, and colors return. A time of fresh new beginnings.

Our family has had many before-and-after stories. One of these happened when we discovered the life-giving and natural-living blessing of essential oils. We see the beauty, purpose and design of God weaving through our home. 

Our youngest son struggled with a wheezing tight chest and struggled to breathe since he was a toddler. We went back and forth to our doctor and after several episodes and sleepless nights, we accepted that his nebulizer and medications would be our new family norm. We were grateful for this solution, but we worried about the long-term side effects. It wasn’t until I walked into my first essential oils class, that I woke up to using natural solutions. I was skeptical at first and having been raised by a medical doctor meant that I was used to reaching for the familiar. But when we tried essential oils for our son and experienced how it eased away his tight chest, the wheezing that stopped and the relief on his face, everything about our view of health started to change.

Our youngest still tells everyone what his favorite essential oils is. We would apply topically on his chest and his back. As well as deeply inhaling.

We learnt that gluten and diary were the underlying causes of his respiratory problems, and we began to feed ourselves with food that would bless our bodies instead of bring harm to us. We learnt that the products we were using in our home, had synthetic chemicals that were suppressing our immune systems, and diminishing our health. At the same time, we learnt that the design of essential oils in plants, protect and strengthen their vitality. And if they are pure and authentic, essential oils carefully extracted could support every system in our bodies and our emotions too. We learnt that our physical, emotional and spiritual life is connected and that being healthy is about being good stewards of every aspect of our lives. 

With all this learning and making gradual changes, we kept our hope firmly rooted in God, our Father, the Father of Lights who delights in us His children and gives good and perfect gifts to us…. (James 1:17). We celebrated His wisdom and provision displayed through creation. Every tree, every flower, every leaf and every seed. He has always been the Giver of life. He has made provision for us. Yes, the “leaves of the trees shall be for the healing of nations…..” (Rev 22:2).  All we needed was to open our eyes, be patient to learn something new, and persevere to see the transformation. 

As you get into making every room in your home a fresh, clean and inviting space, consider these simple natural solutions for transforming your home into a beautiful oasis.

Here are a few of our natural solutions for springtime living all year round:

1.    Breathe

We love using essential oils to support clearer breathing during springtime.

Seasonal changes often cause respiratory discomfort. Many people react to all the new pollens in the air. Try a mix of peppermint, lavender and lemon essential oil together to support clearer breathing.

You can also diffuse essential oils to eliminate bad odors and increase the quality of the air in your home instead of air fresheners. Air-fresheners may contain allergens, potential carcinogens and phthalates which are toxic to the body, disrupt hormones and definitely do not purify your home.

Remember that as you create more space for breathing in fresh air and enjoying the outdoors, take some time to spend with the Lord and remember that it His breath and His word that sustains new life in you. Create a vibrant, life-giving space this spring by transforming your breathing.

2.    Declutter and Clean

Lemon essential oil will be your friend while you clean and refresh your home. You can use it to remove gum, glue, grease, oil, crayon marks and in a solution to brighten your carpets and even remove paint from your hands. This oil is also a gentle detox for the body, an immune support and mood booster. The beauty of essential oils is that they are so versatile.

Chemical-Free Cleaner, that can be easily diluted for light, medium and heavy degreasing. Cleans beautifully without leaving the toxic residue. We love that our kids can join in the spring-cleaning safely

You can replace all your cleaners with a plant-based toxic free alternative like we do in our essential oil infused Household Cleaner, or make your own surface cleaner using white vinegar, water, lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil. 

While in this decluttering mode, consider how you can be more generous this spring by decluttering time and resources to make you more available to bless others. 

3.    End and Begin with Rest

I would encourage you to stop and study the birds. They neither toil nor spin. I have never seen a bird strive or worry. One of the best ways to improve your health is to get good sleep and learn to manage the stress and pressures of modern living. 

Consider the birds…..

Lavender essential oil is a calming essential oil that promotes deep sleep and can be diffused together with lemon essential oil, for a fresh calming environment. My favorite oil for clarity, calm and focus is cedarwood. It is an oil high in sesquiterpenes, a remarkable property that makes more oxygen available in the cells of the body. Frankincense and Vetiver essential oils are never absent in our home. They are calming oils that really support a restful body and mind.

Purification Blend also helps eliminate odors.

While you are enjoying these moments of rest this spring, consider taking a moment to practice gratitude and teach your kids to do the same. We keep a gratitude jar in our home, and we aim to fill it with as many notes of anything we can thank God for. It creates a culture of gratitude and nurtures contentment. 

A joyful heart is medicine for the soul (Proverbs 17:22).

May this spring bring beautiful, healthy, life-giving transformations to your home.

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I am ThatCedarwoodGirl with a dream to see homes flourish and seeds transform into Cedars of Hope, Cedars of Beauty and Cedars of Abundant living!

Bringing the best of nature into your home.Beautiful God-given plant-based solutions for simple living.

Imagine every home as a Restful, Vibrant and and Joy-filled sanctuary.

Media Detox: Day 19,20,21

Jetlag has me up at 4:20am, as I write this catch-up post on the last three days of our family Media Detox. Although we had to finish off this Detox in separate continents, it was still a fulfilling sense of accomplishment to start something and finish off well.

The last three days were easy for us because we had so much going on that we had no time to think about the Detox. I was in Africa and my husband was holding the fort as a single parent with a hectic life. I remember calling slightly frantic days after the Detox when I realized that in the busy time we had not yet discussed our ‘After Detox Media Plan’. I had pictures of the kids vegging  out in front of the screen to catch up on 21 days of no screen time. To my surprise calling after several days of the Detox revealed that there was simply no time for that. I am hopeful that we are gliding into something new.

This weekend we will be discussing as a family what we each learned and gained from the Media Detox. I am keen to hear everyone’s insights. The kids will also be getting a dollar for every journal entry they made during the journey and we will go out and celebrate together.

Media Detox Day 15: Myth- “I am not that creative”

I believe that everyone is born creative. To create is the ability to bring something into existence. Something that expresses authenticity and uniqueness. Since we are all so unique and one of a kind, my expression of creativity may differ from another. It’s is love, freedom and rest that will unlock that creativity.

We took a trip to the Smithsonian American Art Museum today and we loved the variety of art forms and expressions on display, each telling a story and preserving times gone by, celebrating life and attempting to capture in a powerful way treasures in American culture.
I loved the simplicity of Gene Davis art for example, lines and interesting interval of colors. I used his work to encourage our one child who claims he is not creative, that creativity is not being perfect but making anything that is your idea and loving the process. Gene Davis work is simple and uncomplicated but refreshing for these reasons.

When we returned home I carved out sometime with our ” I am not creative” child, and while talking to him about being made in the image of God, encouraged him to do anything creative on paper. So we set the atmosphere with some beautiful scents of lavender and peppermint in the background and we had fun creating.

This is what he came up with and he loved every bit of it. 

The other two kids joined us after their storytime with dad and created more unique expressions of creativity. The only rule I gave them during this process was a) have fun doing it and b) every mistake is a new idea

When was the last time you did anything creative? 

Media Detox Day 13 and 14: Perseverance


It’s the weekend and it’s the toughest time  doing without our family movie times and kids unwinding by playing games.

I am reminded of the point in any exercise routine when your muscles appear to be pleading for mercy and it burns so much that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry (I usually laugh). In those moments I usually tell myself that since I made it all the way, leaving without that burning sensation would be a missed opportunity.

That’s what it feels right now on this Detox, rather unpleasant but we shall persevere and complete what we have started.




Media Detox Day 9 and 10: Orientation

I am reading a book by Dr. Neufeld called “Hold on to your kids”, in which he encourages parents to show up and be present in the lives of their children. Dr Neufeld highlights how attachment with our kids and staying close provides the context and foundation for parenting.

I agree with this entirely, however for me healthy parenting begins from a deeper place.  It’s the unseen realm of intimacy with God, a closeness to Him that sets one securely on an immovable foundation and orientation. I am able to live out and express the love of God and unshakable truth about who I am and who we are as a family, from this relationship.

I am one of those people who can rarely keep life in control. I have tried and failed dismally. It does not work. Adding kids to the mix of an imperfect people,us parents, who have no control over the future as well, requires some serious orientation and grounding. Thus building on Christ as our firm foundation is my daily prayer and pursuit.

We all have things in our lives that we sometimes attach to. It may be our work, what people think of us, even the fear of failure. These attachments and our relationship to them can easily steal life from our key relationships. And they can try to shape who we are. The things that preoccupy our hearts and compete for our affections may not be bad in themselves but taking stock every now and then is an awesome way to recalibrate and set them in their right place.

This Media Detox is helping me see ways in which our relationship to Media and all that screen stuff can be be put in their proper place. It’s also helping us give attention to our true orientation, first to God as parents and then flowing out to our family.