It is Finished

Everything was already broken when you arrived at the scene. So it made complete sense to let the chaos define you!

The anger and the heartbreak spilled over you and you tried your very best to take cover as best as you could. But you still have the scars from all stabs that came at you.

What did you do when you lost that sacred place called home? What did you do when you could no longer hear the sweet unbroken melodies? What do you do now about the words that were never said and the ones wish you had never heard?!

The scenes have played over and over again in your mind. You’ve tried to change it. You’ve tried not to believe the lies. You chase after the faces and places that will prove it once and fall. Prove that you are worth it. Prove that you have what it takes! Prove that you belong. Prove, prove, prove!

But let’s be honest! The quest to be loved and accepted has eaten you up from the inside and now all you have to show for it is the bitter after taste of emptiness and shame. Despair has grown it’s ugly, twisted branches, now blocking out the light and imprisoning you from the inside.

When does it all end? Who will have the final say? Who will end the voice of torment? When will a new story begin?

Jesus! Yes, my dear friend, His name is Jesus! He is the One who paints our new horizons.

He is not on the top of our glamour list these days, and He has been the source of much offense and contempt. I think it’s because He dared to call Himself “the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. (John 14:6)

He came to give us life and life abundantly and for a girl like me who needed serious rescuing, when He uttered the words “ It is finished “, He shook the ground from under my broken world, and freed me into life!

Dare to step into something new

My gratitude for this time of year is that permission has been granted to step into life and freedom. Into a story with a different ending!

The disappointments, the empty words, the broken places, and voices from the chaos, all were nailed to that rugged cross. This is the place of new beginnings for me and you. A place where new songs emerge out of brokenness into glorious redemption!

Isn’t it time to join a new story?

2 thoughts on “It is Finished”

  1. Dear Clarinda, So very powerful! Thankyou for the reality of your story and the power of His cross… such a timely word, so well written. I tried to like or share it, but keeps wanting me to login to word press.?

    But I do like it with my whole heart and Cherise your words. Thankyou. Much love M


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading. Technology sometimes eludes me too, but I shared it on my Facebook page and I think that will be easier place to share it. Thank you for being such an encouragement!


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