Lady of the Library

Imagine that you have been invited into the library of a very important person. One who is renowned for her collection of great books, covering many genres and spanning a gathering of treasures from across the globe. You have been invited to see her collection, a rare privilege not easily granted. You marvel at the covers and titles, and the warmth whiff of well- loved books bring a smile to your face. You are standing in a sacred space. A world of wonder, ideas and possibilities tucked within the pages of every single book in front of you. Then, something unexpected begins to slowly unravel.

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

The Lady of the Library steps graciously forward and motions you to come closer. She invites you to pick any book in her library as a gift to take home. You are surprised, delighted and overwhelmed at the same time.

One book… One book alone… What will it be?

Will it be the how to book about cooking? Adventures of a young boy? All you need to know about South Africa? A travelers guide to America? The science of bees? The encyclopedia of history?

Aha! You remember that you have just received a visa to travel, so surely a guide book is what is needed?
Information. Yes! Good reliable information to make you a well-informed and independent traveler.

You go back to the expansive bookshelf in search for all the information travel books that caught your eye a minute back. Sadly, to your frustration they are no longer there. You cannot find them. It is as though they have simply faded into the background and try as you may, you cannot take a hold of them.

In the midst of your frustration, the gracious Lady of the Library steps in next to you and draws your attention to all the adventure books that you had been overlooking. “Adventures of …..”this one” and adventures of “that one”.

Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash

Novels and Stories that have no index page or reference at the end. Pages with words that will demand your heart and pursue your imagination. Pages that will draw you into mystery, wonder and many unexpected bends. Pages that will captivate your heart and ignite hope and meaning. Pages you will be shaped by and never leave you the same. Pages you cannot control, predict or manipulate. Pages whose words are meant to live with you forever.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

With this new found boldness and clarity, you reach out to a book right in front of you. You let go of all the other options available to you and you embrace the simple invitation to pick a story, something you can live in for a while. Something that will frame your thoughts and remind your heart that to live and simply be.

Wonder, discovery, hope, freedom and wisdom are stories for this season.

You realize that you do not need the guide book after all. This adventure already has a tour guide, trusted and with more experienced than you. The One who loves to lead and knows all there is to know about everything. The One who holds every word together in their proper place and has the breath to make things come alive. Your place is to choose wisely, read with clear lenses, and yield to restful places. Your invitation from the Lady of the Library is come and discover the beauty of living words, carved out by the Author, just for you.