Going off the Social Media Grid. My 9 month experiment! Will It Work?

four people holding mobile phones

I have loved social media!I have loved simply knowing, feeling connected with friends and satisfying my curiosity about so and so and not missing out on those weddings, baby showers, graduations, trips and moves overseas, that I would definitely not have known about had it not been for instagram and facebook. Social media has kept me from boredom and  has cushioned the effects of moving to a new country. But is all this sense if connectivity actually real? Is it an inescapable part of life or have we bought into a lie that we are all actively part of sustaining?

I do not like the time and attention that has become the currency of social media and the feeling that unless an event in my life is shared and celebrated, it loses it’s value and place. I feel like the commodity of intimacy, connection and privacy, are being assaulted within me (drastic statements, I know). I feel a tug on my heart to abandon myself into the ocean of discovering what life would be like without any social media. I am curious about the effect it will have on me and life in general. Perhaps you have asked yourself those questions. Well for the next 9months I am going to be the guinea-pig!

woman holding silver ipad

I am going to conduct a very, very real life experiment of going off Facebook, and Instagram, Twitter and my Youtube channel for 9 WHOLE MONTHS! I like the number 9! This decision has not come easily. I feel like I am the worst candidate of the kind of person who is not on social media platforms. Logically, I really should be on facebook and instagram etc. I love connecting with people and I hope to share more of my songs with others, as well as being a simple encouragement and a champion of family life, education, creativity, and the pursuit of intimacy with God. But I will not know what role it’s taking in my life until I remove it.

Here are some of my genuine questions I hope to answer as I go off social media:

  1. Will I miss out on what is happening around me. Information, Events, Opportunities, Memories? And will this be to my detriment? 
  2. Will I loose a  sense of community? The inspiration, ideas and sense of support from some of the pages I belong to? 
  3. Will I simply overburden myself with the punishment of not being on social media? Am I simply being Idealistic? 
  4. Will I be  forgotten? And will anyone notice my absence? Will it matter? 
  5. Will I have meaningful ways to share my thoughts and celebrate life events? Or do the masses matter?
  6. Will I be bored? All my life be bland?
  7. Will I  miss out on opportunities for connecting with people? If I run a business will I miss out on marketing and clientele?

Here are the steps I will be taking on this 9 month journey:

Step 1: Tell everyone I will be leaving social media a few weeks in advance.  Done!

Step 2: Request all my photos and video data  from Facebook and download it onto my computer.  Done!

Step 3: Deactivate account. Have to keep deactivating every 7 days.  Find a couple of friends to keep you accountable! Hubby will do the weekly deactivating for me.  NOPE! DELETE THE ACCOUNT IS WHAT I WILL DO!

Step 4: Begin to journal on wordpress for extra accountability and sharing insights.

Step 5: Share learning and insights at the end of 9 months and make final conclusions

Step 4 is what I am starting to do right now!

Wish me luck! Let’s see how this will turn out!





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