Life Lessons To live By: Part Two

When you are crossing over one of life’s high places, and you feel your knees weaken beneath you, fix your eyes on the beauty all around you, and you will find breath to cross over to the other side.


This is one of many life lessons that I hold close to my heart and I mentioned in Part One of my life lessons series. These are the lessons I wish I knew when I was younger and the ones I want to hold on to as I step into my fabulous forties! It’s not an exhaustive list but it reveals the pebbles I have collected so far.

Lesson #11

Choose to fall in love with today! Not yesterday nor tomorrow ! Today!

Lesson #12

Do the “normal stuff” really well. Do it with excellence and grace. The floors you clean, the sorry’s and the thank you’s, the clean clothes no one notices anymore …. do it all with the excellence of a grateful heart.

Lesson #13

Live out who you really are long before titles and accolades and long before you step into any role.

Lesson #14

Your life can either look like a wall neatly lined with pretty rows of square boxes, or it can look like a garden climbing and growing against a wall. Boxes stay empty and they are hard to plant anywhere; gardens have plants that grow freely and imperfectly.



Lesson #15

Leave a room better than you found it. Stay in the room to give life and not to drain it of it’s oxygen.

Lesson #16

Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life. Prov 4:23. Be  Enjoy the sunlight that truth brings, instead of nursing the cold that bitterness brings.

Lesson #17

Start your day with a thankful heart, end it with the same. It will anchor you even when the weather outside is not what you expected.

Lesson #18

Never hold the world or anyone ransom for your present! Just keep moving forward.

Lesson #19

Worry is time waster and fear is a terrible liar! They are not your friends. They are really not your friends!

Lesson #20

“Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and all your strength. Your entire being”! Deuteronomy 6:5




5 thoughts on “Life Lessons To live By: Part Two”

  1. Thanks for another beautifully written and thought-provoking post. I especially like numbers 13 and 15 from this list of lessons. It makes me think about what type of life I can (and do or don’t) bring to the rooms I walk into in my life – the physical and the metaphorical ones.


  2. I have a question as well: how did you manage to narrow your life lessons/“pebbles” down so succinctly? Just thinking about making a list of my own for my 40th coming up soon makes me feel a bit intimidated. Where or how did you start?


    1. Hello Maritsa Apollis, I have this yearly habit of reflecting on the year and it’s lessons and themes. I simply reflected on my journal entries and more specifically after posing the question to myself, begun to highlight the ones that are current and fresh still on my heart. I am curious to know what you would have added to this list of life lessons!


      1. Thanks for the response, Clarinda. That makes sense and I guess thinking about it that way means anyone should be able to do it.

        As to what I would add to the list… I’ll have to think about that a lot more first to really be able to formulate a set of lessons myself. However, two of them would probably have something to do with (1) using your experiences in life to help others, and (2) the power of giving/imparting something of yourself in everything you do, even work, because that takes everything to a different level and touches people. But, it’s very much a work in progress!

        I must say, I would very much like to hear what your other readers would add too…


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