My EP Album Release – The Why

” Just get on with!”
” Stop taking yourself so seriously!”
“Stop Hiding!
“Give what you’ve got!”
” You don’t have to be perfect! “

These words kept me awake at night.
And then one day……..with the resolve to steward every area of my life well, I knew it was time.  Distraction, Discouragement and the fear of Disapproval would no longer shove the melodies back inside the comfort of my keyboard and the four walls of my living room.

The songs borne from the places I have called home, and the life that defines me, would finally escape their boxes.  Before I had time to change my mind, I was in CapeTown, singing into a very patient microphone, with pictures of waterfalls streaming through my mind and a familiar warm hand gently nudging me on. I sang with so many memories on my heart.


I remembered my childhood in Ghana, and the rich sounds of the places I have lived in, in Nigeria, South Africa and now the United States.  I remembered my complicated family story and the redemption  and beauty from those ashes. I remembered that my name is simply Clarinda, the story behind that name and the brightness of the new life I have in Christ. I remembered the people whose questions and pain have sent me to my knees. I remembered the restful,  simple spaces we are all invited to live from.  I remembered that every sound is a breathe that is alive and that that breathe has already been heard, pursued and loved by the One who formed it. I remembered and I sang!

This first EP Album,  is a collection of songs that weave a story about the pursuit  of the human heart, the joy and freedom of a brand new day and the sanity of simplicity in an ever shifting world. The African flavors in the music, together with the funky and soothing jazzy sounds were fun to produce with Sounds of the Nations Studios.  I hope through these songs I am inspiring, cultivating and stewarding the breath and the sounds I have been given in my “music life”, even as cultivate life within my marriage, my family, and the communities I am privileged to know and be a part of.  And it is my hope that you would be inspired to do the same.