Media Detox Day 18: In Flight Mode

Going on a long distance flight without movies is like going to the Cinema without popcorn and coke! Now before you get impressed with me for making a whole trip from US to Africa without the comfort of in-flight movie binging, let me tell you how it all happened.

When I gave my hugs and kisses to my husband and kids before leaving, I received their full blessing to pause my part of the Media Detox in light of the fact that, every mom deserves a break. Right? Besides what’s the point of having all that free time to kill, with no kids asking you “I need the bathroom”, or “are we there yet?”, if you can’t take a chill tablet and watch undisturbed movies  in that confined space on an airplane?Right? Exactly! I knew you would understand. 

Of course I must mention that I did take along with me my favourite decor magazines, George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, as well as a book by Brother Lawrence called The Practice of the presence of God. In all honesty though, I took these along, as my backup plans. What I was really looking forward to was flipping through the menu of new movie releases.

So off I went. Boarded my flight. Got warm fuzzy  vibes at hearing familiar SA accents. Laughed to myself at the loud one in particular, who had to have been from Cape Town, and was thrilled to meet an older flight attendant taking his last trip before retirement after 39 years of service with S.A.A. 

Meal was served. Yummy as ever. Everything was going as smoothly as I had hoped. Until the moment I reclined my seat back, secured my back with the extra pillows from the empty seats next to me, and plugged the headphones in.

Alas, this is where the story because comically ironic. Because of all the places I could have sat, I sat where my own and surrounding headsets would not work. I smiled. Realizing that this was my way back into our Media Detox. 

So for the next over 14hours, I finished George Orwells book, got inspired by color and beautiful spaces in House and Liesure, discovered how Anne Mahlum(previously unknown to me), built a multimillion dollar gym in just three years, and was reminded of my hearts longing to draw ever closer to God.

I arrived after a safe trip and let my family know that I did not pause on the Media Detox, that in fact I was still right in it with them with just three more days to go.