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Media Detox Day 15: Myth- “I am not that creative”

I believe that everyone is born creative. To create is the ability to bring something into existence. Something that expresses authenticity and uniqueness. Since we are all so unique and one of a kind, my expression of creativity may differ from another. It’s is love, freedom and rest that will unlock that creativity.

We took a trip to the Smithsonian American Art Museum today and we loved the variety of art forms and expressions on display, each telling a story and preserving times gone by, celebrating life and attempting to capture in a powerful way treasures in American culture.
I loved the simplicity of Gene Davis art for example, lines and interesting interval of colors. I used his work to encourage our one child who claims he is not creative, that creativity is not being perfect but making anything that is your idea and loving the process. Gene Davis work is simple and uncomplicated but refreshing for these reasons.

When we returned home I carved out sometime with our ” I am not creative” child, and while talking to him about being made in the image of God, encouraged him to do anything creative on paper. So we set the atmosphere with some beautiful scents of lavender and peppermint in the background and we had fun creating.

This is what he came up with and he loved every bit of it. 

The other two kids joined us after their storytime with dad and created more unique expressions of creativity. The only rule I gave them during this process was a) have fun doing it and b) every mistake is a new idea

When was the last time you did anything creative? 

1 thought on “Media Detox Day 15: Myth- “I am not that creative””

  1. Well done, mommy!!! Such beautiful creations!! And you can tell him for me: I actually like his one the most because of the lines and colors that remind me of the one from the Museum. His is just more interesting!

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