Media Detox Day 12: Ideas Have Consequences

This post may be slightly controversial to anyone who’s child loves the series of books by Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s a New York Best Seller and an easy read for many kids. But we have decided to give the books a toss out of our son’s library.

Our oldest read the The Long Haul, for the first time when we arrived in the US. It was full of humor and detailed a family road trip gone wrong. Alas, with each book we have been uncomfortable with the attitudes and ideas that “Greg”, the main character embodies. 

During this Media Detox, I have actually been listening closely and have been more aware of what our kids are reading/ingesting and have asked for them to tell me the gist of the stories they are reading and have on occasion had our oldest enthusiastically read aloud one of the books from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. After much thought and consideration for the kind of attitudes and ideas about himself and others we want our son to grow into, we have decided to give the wimpy kid the boot!

It is a teachable moment for us as a family and we are currently having discussions about the reality that the ideas that we ingest will have consequences for good or for bad. 

We want our kids to be solidly built on good wholesome thoughts that nourish the soul and ignite wonder in them. We only have 24hours each day to make decisions about the kind of banquet of ideas they will be served. We only have these moments while they are still moldable to teach them how to make their own choices bearing the fruit in mind. Although the books are not evil, they are just far better options available for our son, and we are choosing to make way to those!

2 thoughts on “Media Detox Day 12: Ideas Have Consequences”

  1. Well done, my friend. I think you are being both brave and responsible to make this decision. Who cares what people think; the important thing is how you lay good foundations in your children’s lives. I agree with your point that it’s important to show children why certain choices are good or bad for us, since that will enable them to make better choices on their own when they’re older. I can imagine he might have resisted the idea of getting rid of his favourite books at first, but he will learn a very valuable lesson from it.

    I also know your parenting style, so I know you and Ed will both have great conversations with all the kids about why this decision was taken and what makes it important. Well done for noticing and “tuning in” to what they’re ingesting!

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