Day 6 of Media Detox:”What else can I do for you, Mommy?”

I don’t know whether this had anything to do with the boredom due to this Media Detox or rather, the fact that Elijah had his favourite pancakes breakfast today? But I was surprised when he kept asking me for something to do to help me around the house.

Happy Helper

” What else can I do for you, mommy?” was sweet music to my ears and a refreshing request. So he helped me with folding the clothes, packing kitchen towels and hand vacuuming the coffee powder off the kitchen floor.

Sweet Boy

I have noticed that I am a lot more on top of some of my household maintenance habits during this week. But it could be that with hubby being away this week I have been bored myself.

Or it could be that when Mommies get bored, they also have space to fill up and they sometimes… clean. And sometimes maybe cleaning looks inviting enough for the five year old without his tablet. And maybe this rubs off on EVERYONE until the day I wake up to sparkling house with kids who say ” Look Mommy! Look what we did for you while you were resting! We cleaned the whole house! ”

Haha…a mom’s dream!