Day 5 of Media Detox: Consistency, the Boring Ally of Success

Is It only Day 5?

Yes it is. And we are plodding along nicely. Today I was reminded of a poster I had on the wall of my dorm room at University, with the caption “The choices we make and not the chances we take determine our destiny”.


I am getting deep, I know! But anyone who knows me well will know that if anyone can turn a simple family Media Detox into deep reflections it’s me. Yep!

So today, I thought about the fact that it’s only day 5 of this Detox thing and I was trying to remember why we wanted to this and wishing we had picked fewer days for this Detox.

But I was reminded of the importance of making a decision and being consistent in that rather than leaving things to chance or to your feelings.

I thought of that poster and the simple truth, which is that, following any decision which often seems exciting, the aftermath is consistently walking out that decision, beyond the thrill of doing something new and into the realm of the boring.

It’s to the extent that we are consistent and remain in the boat, one boring yet consistent row at a time, it is to this extent  that we come a step closer to the end results we desire.

Day 5 done! Bring on the boring day 6!