Day 4 of Media Detox: The need to know

It’s become a habit for me to automatically reach for my phone to google stuff. Just stuff. This is beginning to sound a little like the confessions of a media addict.

These random impulsive “need to know” searches are so easy to do. Simply grab my phone and away I go, I can quickly “escape” for a bit and search for answers to VERY IMPORTANT information like: “what are the most common birds found in the D.C. area?” or searches like ” kindergarten reading levels” or “research on essential oils”, or “scriptures on trusting God” or ” how to exercise from home” and my favorite YOU-Tube natural hair searches. The list goes on.

I had to stop myself in the tracks so many times today. And it’s taken this Detox for me to see it as it is: A lack of clear boundaries and discipline in the use of my time and my access to information. Perhaps the a bit of FMO! Ouch! Adding to this is the fact that in continually interrupting the flow of my day and cluttering my mind, I am missing so much opportunity in my day to simply think about stuff. Not search, think, process, reflect.

I am off to bed now but before I drift off to sleep, I will end my day with reflection and NOT with the latest pins from Pinterest.