Day 3 of Media Detox: Not Perfect

Today was the first day my older kids were really late for school. I though I had the morning rush nailed but today despite waking up early we ended up 10minutes late for drop-off. I was pleasantly surprised how calm I was and how much I actually enjoyed the entire ride to school, knowing that they were late and knowing that my kitchen was left like a disaster zone.

Okay what’s this got  to do with our Detox? Well, this morning was not perfect at all but I chose to be ok with that and instead enjoy being with my kids. None of this will appear on my Facebook page, and I won’t know from a friend’s  page what their real day was like either. This thought made me realize that I was not missing anything at all by not being on Facebook for instance, except for those birthday reminders that help me out when I forget.!

So after that start, we ended our day with doing homework, and I picked up from a book I had been trying to read for a long time. The kids did their journal entries and here I am doing mine.

Below is Elijah’a diary of pictures


Tomorrow is another day.