Day 2 of Media Detox:”Mommy where is the iPad?”

Day 2

Our youngest, who is homeschooled and I have a pretty predictable start to our day most mornings. We drop off the older two at school, sing and chat in the car on the way back home and upon arrival for about 45min, I get some household chores covered before the start of our homeschool day. I did not realize that for most days that 45min of undisturbed labour often involves him listening to Toby Mac on my iPad and watching something or doing something that involves screen time on my iPad.

This morning as usual the request came for my iPad. He wanted to listen to music while I cleaned up. But the iPad could not be found. I had no prior inclination to hide the “babysitter”aka the device. But the frustration and urgency that my son displayed in pursuit of the iPad made me pause and think about our detox. He was so so desperate to find it and was in tears when we could “genuinely” not find it, that I made a decision to locate the iPad and simply hide it. And so I did.

I had to say goodbye to my  convenient babysitter, and pseudo playmate, the iPad. And simply let the “no..this is not a great day” and the ” Aw, this is awful”  Slide off.

Fortunately the rest of our day was spent outdoors and of course to Elijah’s relief his siblings return home to his deviceless day and play and play and play.img_0217