Day 1 of Media Detox: Incentives

Day 1: Sunday

To be honest, neither the kids nor we are excited about this detox. No tv, no Facebook, no games, no you-tube, for 21 days. Kids were not jumping up and down, and were clear about how boring they know this is going to be. The journaling idea is a hit today though. I made them personlised journals and even our five year old is excited to “write” in it. In the end he drew his own pictures.

For today’s entry I gave them a “voucher” for $1. No screen time+writing in journal =$1. So far it seems  to be getting a positive response.

So what did we get up to?

1) Sunday afternoon nap without anyone asking to play games afterwards.


2) Reading! Shocker! The kids read for 3 hours and then wrote in their journals.


I had this thought the moment I saw them together like this: ” The farmer clears the ground and sets boundaries in order to plant his seeds”.

Day 1 has been encouraging and I am pressing on , despite the latest episode of Madame Secretary begging to be watched! Sac

Lets see what Day 2 will bring.