21 Day Family Media Detox

Its been decided! We the brave parents have made the decision to take a break from Media (movies, Facebook, watching of stuff for entertainment purposes) for 21 days.

Writing about it in this forum is my personal point of accountability. For the kids, they will each be making journal entries everyday to write about their own experience of doing without the screen companions for 21 days. They will earn a dollar for every journal entry that they make. I need to think of a good reward for myself.

Why are we doing this? What do we hope to achieve? It’s really simple!

1) Curiosity and Creativity: I wonder what family activities or individual pursuits could replace that time we spend on media.

2) Clarity and Care: A good declutter always helps you locate forgotten things. This is our little family my refresh button

3) Close-ups: Just the time maximizing staying connected with each other

We have done a few of these Media breaks a family over years and as simple as it sounds it’s never easy but the benefits are always amazing. That’s why this time round I am going to document the process, to help me remember and to keep focus on it.

Join us we unplug!