” Saying Goodbye to Home-Schooling”

February this year, was the exciting step into our new family adventure in America. Leaving behind our community of friends and a joyful memories from our life in Pretoria. We said goodbye to so many things, including our life as a homeschooling family.

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Our kids are now at school, and though they are happy and content. I am left with my own personal sadness at saying goodbye to a life of learning at home with my favourite little people. I am also left wondering what the journey would have been like had I worried less, and delighted more.

If I had to do it all over again, here would be my advice to myself and to anyone considering taking this step:

  1. Do not for a minute compare yourself to anyone. Find your clarity and stick to it, because it is impossible to do a perfect job.
  2. Be consistent with one thing and do it well, see it as building block rather than trying to do all things all at once. Don’t try to encompass every idea, or try to be everything to everyone.
  3. Rest, Rest, Rest…kick striving out the door. You know what button is your rest button, and no one can push it for you
  4. Mess is not a bad thing, as long as the muddy faces it embraces is one full of wonder and smiles.
  5. Fearing the unknown is overrated. Live and be alive in the here and now, and remember the you are not the architect of your children’s lives.
  6. Aim for YOUR gold, not a completed curriculum or task.
    My Gold = Love=+Joy+Wonder+Curiosity+Freedom

It’s a new day today. I am thankful for our new season ahead, and though my role changes for my kids, I will take these lesson with me.