Homeschooling Starts 2014

Our Second year in Homeschooling begins tomorrow.

This is by far one of the hardest and yet potentially rewarding decision of our lives as a family. I am thankful that we are not alone and that there have been many of have gone before and who remain courageous howbeit challenged daily, by living on this unconventional path.

My prayer and my desire is that this year, I will be less concerned with all the measuring sticks, opinions, blogs, ideas, and suggestions that were much of a distraction to me at times. There will be silence in my heart, as I lean not in my own understanding but acknowledge Him daily. I pray that I will be content with my children and our daily lives, that I will be truly tuned into them and our shared learning, and I will be a surrendered and courageous mom who is not afraid of failure, but who daily lives by faith.

Its going to be a good good year.