Learning to Fly

We are all well acquainted with our weakness and our fears. But we are created to be acquainted with our Lord, we are born to fly.

No one has to remind us of the many reasons why we stop just a few inches short of the adventures that God calls us to on a daily basis.

Whether it is as simple as a kind word to encourage someone, or stepping out of the water to pray for God’s healing over someone, or as huge as starting your own business or finally stepping out in faith with that idea you have had for years….

I am not one of those adventurous types with adrenaline super-charged in my body with the quest for more. I will not voluntarily go bungee-jumping or sky-diving, or abseiling. Well anything that involves me leaving the ground. I know that in the physical I cannot fly, but what if my fear of heights is all a lie, what if I was born to fly. What if in the spirit I was created to soar like an eagle. To be abandoned to the will of my Father, to be carried by Him into unexpected yet exciting horizons.

I think of the story of Peter in Matthew 14:22, when he sees Jesus walking on the water. Jesus invites him to “come” and he does. We all know what happens, that as soon as he starts looking at the boisterous wind, he got afraid and started to sink. Walking on water and flying are similar in that they both involve defying gravity and something doing out of the ordinary, which without the extraordinary grace and power of God, would amount to nothing. When you are up there in the sky soaring your full dependency is on God to keep you up. Letting go and being abandoned to Him.

The most important lesson then is keeping my eyes on Jesus, not on how weird we feel or ridiculous the circumstance is. With each step we keep our eyes on Jesus and keep his “come” ringing in our hearts. Let’s go flying!