The comparison trap!

It comes quietly without warning
Subtle voice, a tune like that of the piped piper; pulling like a magnet, making you uneasy as it relentlessly tries to get you to take just one look at what someone else has.
It’s the comparison trap, tugging you towards an empty dissatisfaction.

Lately I have felt God shine His light more closely into the corners of my heart. His desire is simple! It is to wrench me free from comparing myself to anyone, and to close my eyes and ears from the lies and whispers that render me feeling not good enough.

There is always plenty opportunity to compare yourself to others nowadays isn’t there? What you have, what you do, where you come from, the colour of your skin, everything  can so easily be measured, graded.  Worth and value so easily ascribed based on all the externals and nothing of eternal value really. From how quickly kids crawl, how slim clothes fall on your body, how tidy your house is, how romantic your husband is, gifts and talents, the list is endless.

For me though the comparison temptation has come in areas that I have been believing and trusting God for. Isn’t it funny for example that when you are single and believing for that husband, all you see are couples everywhere and you wonder why the long wait?  Or when you are trusting for that baby, all you see are mothers with babies everywhere. These corners of our hearts where much prayer, tears and hope has been tenderly nursed can so quickly be corrupted when we fail to “guard our hearts with all diligence” and succumb to comparing ourselves to others.

God desires me for Himself. To be completely satisfied with Him no matter what my desires are and what the external pressures of life are. When I compare myself, my life to another, it says that I do not believe that God loves me enough nor does he have His hand poised to bless me and care for all my needs. When I compare, I cultivate an unbelieving and thankless heart. When I compare, I lose sight of what God is doing in my life and I disregard His goodness and His timing in my life.

For each person the root of this “comparison madness” could be different. But for me God shines His light into the corners of my heart once again and He says to me “My beloved daughter, I love you. I don’t love others more than you. My love for you is without condition. You can Trust me with the desires of your heart.”

So the next time the comparison temptation comes along, guess what? It will be another great opportunity to celebrate what God is doing in the lives of others. To cheer them on, knowing that my Daddy loves me too. And He truly is more than enough.