I am a Dreamer

Its hard to be a dreamer at times. Its hard to wait. And its hard to let go of some dreams. Its hard to keep some dreams alive.

The beautiful pictures in my mind and in my heart would be so amazing in the world of reality. Yes, of course that’s what i think. My heart often dreams with abandon  crafting, desperately wanting to put things together. Fix the broken, rescue the lost, heal the past….delight in the future. cherish the now.

But growing up sometimes means learning to let go of this “perfect world”. I know its only “perfect” and just right because I have taken the time to create it and nurse it in the hidden corners of my heart. The corner whose door is carefully marked by the words ” the way things should be”. Its a a very special place, with rich tones, peaceful hues and sparkling promise. A place where much hope still lies. A place filled with the faces of people i know, near and far, living out their dreams.

I have a dream that i have to let go of..i have a dream that is not mine to keep. I have a dream that i have dreamed for one so precious, but its a dream she has to carry in her own heart. From the hidden corners of my heart, i will utter my prayers for this precious one, and trust that the One who hears, is the one who makes dreams come true. And i will never be disapointed because He has bigger dreams that i have not seen, heard or can imagine.

(Something I wrote a long while ago but still real today)

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