Not perfect, and that’s OK!

So I had one of those weeks. Nothing turned out as planned. I have to laugh right now at all my failed attempts at that Illusive “perfect day”.  And the non-existent “perfect me”!

Somewhere mid-week I realized I had two choices: Option Number 1= Frustration with myself and everyone around me for not dancing to my well-composed music, or Option  Number 2= Rest and make the most of each day.

The Clincher for me though was Reading Gen 15, God says to Abraham:

God is my shield, and for me these days, He shields me from disappointments and this imperfect life
God is my exceedingly great reward, I have everything I need in Him. He gives Himself to me.
I value His acceptance, His grace, His provision, His love and His amazing presence with me
Even though I am not Perfect
Even when “things” are not Perfect
Its really ok

Its really Ok, because He is Perfect and He is my Shield and Exceedingly Great Reward!

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