Saying goodbye to the familiar

Today I said goodbye to the familiar

I said goodbye to a great school; to order, excellence, culture, community, caring and professional teachers, resources, well-thought out and planned system of learning, an environment that has been cultivated with the grace of God and the dedication of amazing godly men and women. A truly great school, that my children will not be at, starting from next year!

Today I said goodbye to a school I have come to love, I am saying goodbye and letting go because we are going to homeschool our children next year.

Setting off on a path unfamiliar and a road that seems paved with sacrifice and perhaps lonely, is really hard for me right now. So much in me is screaming for comfort. Like when rising from sleep on a winter’s morning and all you want to do is stay in bed instead of step out into living life in the cold. We all know that the cold will pass, and that the initial discomfort will subside but the temptation to stay in bed does not simply go away. I love the warmth of community and predictability but I know to stay there will go against that still small voice inside me that beckons and calls for an adventure beyond the comfortable and familiar. Today I realise that to home-school, I need God to keep me warm on the inside with His word and with the comfort of His love.

It is great to partner with a great school in the education of our kids and for us, it will be in the future when the time is right. But for this season that we are in and always, I know that a daily revelation that the God of the heavens and the earth, the Creator, Provider, Sherperd and Help (paraklitos); will be by our side too during the home-schooling years. He is the great Teacher.

Today I admire all the people who have said goodbye to their jobs to start a new venture on their own; those who leave family and friends to another country because there is a dream and a hope burning in their hearts; those who take the step for that audition when they feel afraid, that first date, that tough phone call. Whatever the different situations may be and whatever the outcome; I admire every one, who despite the unknown and unfamiliar, still take the leap and jump!

It is such early days for us as a family, and we will take each day, day by day.  BUT for now it is goodbye to school as I have known it.