The Hats I wear are not who I am!

It has been a an interesting journey from the dusty streets and humid sun-filled days of my playful childhood, to where i find myself now. A wife, mother of three living on “privileged” and “comfie” side of life. I often think of how strangely familiar and yet still surreal it is connecting the dots of my childhood, to the woman I am now. I am grateful that through all the challenges that life has brought, that God always knew me and He has been weaving the unending story of love and grace that is undeniable.  In this season of my life though, the question that seems to scream from every corner, with every decision and every hope and dream, is ” who are you? Clarinda? and what are the boundaries of your life?

I wear different hats on any given day: a wife, a mother, a friend, the list is endless, but what I so quickly forget at times is that I am not simply what I wear. I am learning with some urgency that if I forget who God says I am, then its very hard to enjoy wearing any of the hats I wear!

So with Gods help and my eyes set on Him, I pray that the hats I wear reflect an inner reality of one who knows she is loved. That I will wear my life with humility and without the need for approval. Oh! How I long for this to be true of me.

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